Following from its inaugural success last year, Audax Ireland is delighted to announce the return of our 24 hour cycling time trial event. This is a fantastic opportunity to push yourself to new limits and undertake a unique physical challenge. Once again, the event takes place on the 44-kilometre circuit near Athy, County Kildare, Ireland. It will be held on July 27th and we invite entry from all ages and abilities. You can take part on any roadworthy bike. Entries are open now - click on the register button below.

What It Is
A bike race, on open roads, where participants are given exactly 24 hours to ride as far as they wish or are able. Riders set off alone, timed at one-minute intervals, choosing their own pace and are not allowed to draft or ride as a group. The route is over relatively flat roads with a few climbs on a 44-kilometre circuit. As the event draws to a close, the circuit is shortened with closer time-stations so that the finishing distance of each individual can be accurately measured.

First among equals will be the rider who has covered most distance. You can stop as often or as little as you like. Helpers are stationed strategically around the circuit, handing food and drink to passing cyclists and readying extra layers, lights or spares.

The ultimate test of mental and physical endurance

"the rush of endorphins and overwhelming emotion can become a standout memory of a lifetime."

Time Trialling
24-Hour Time Trialling is described as the ultimate endurance test. Known as “the race of truth” it is a personal battle against time to win distance. It is just you, a ticking clock and the thumping of your heart through a night and the dawn of a following day.  Knowing you can never win, because in time trialling your last personal best is your new personal target.

And it feels so good when you stop!  Once disengaged from a bike after an epic twenty-four hours, the rush of endorphins and overwhelming emotion can become a standout memory of a lifetime.

No matter how well you rode last time, each 24-hour is a fresh challenge. Riding flat-out through the night to completion, is a supreme test of mental and physical endurance and in itself an outstanding achievement

The Circuit
We had the following elements in mind when choosing the course:

  • To be as flat as possible
  • On safe, quiet roads
  • A smooth and fast surface
  • A minimum of intersections
  • Only left-hand junctions
  • Variety in scenery
  • Wide roads
  • Hard shoulder
  • Nearby shop
  • Centrally located
  • Accommodation locally
  • Space for HQ
  • Ability to shorten the circuit dramatically as the 24 hours nears a close
  • Shelter from wind
  • Long enough not to feel repetitive
  • Short enough to circulate past helpers/marshals frequently

Ultimately our first choice was a 44 km circuit near Athy, In County Kildare.  It has a few long straights on mostly wide roads with an excellent surface. The route is anti-clockwise; cyclists are less imperilled by left hand turns as the event is on public roads, open to traffic. There are a few lay-bys for support crews and a local nearby.

"The ultimate endurance test"