Can anyone enter?

Yes.  The event is open to all and a mixture of experience, background and ability is welcome. We’d like to see males and female equally, once they are over 18 on the date of the event.

How much is the entry fee?


Do I need to be a member of a club?

Yes and no! If you are not currently a member of a Cycling Ireland Club you can take out a special 1-day membership for insurance purposes. Please indicate this on the entry form. The cost will be an additional €5.00.

Do I need a special bike?

No – you can take part on any roadworthy bicycle. Remember you will need to have good lights as you will (hopefully) be cycling through the night.  However, if you have a “fast” or light racing bike, this is a great chance to tap its potential.

Can I ride a recumbent?

In this inaugural edition at least, non-conventional bikes are welcome. However, they will have a separate category. This covers, trikes, tandems, ‘bents’ etc.

Can I swap bikes during the event?

Yes – as often as you like.  For example, some use a bike with lights for night-time riding.  Many carry a spare bike in case of a mechanical issue.

Is drafting allowed?

The golden rule in time-trialling is that one rider is not allowed an advantage on another. Therefore, you are not allowed draft. Riders start at intervals and you should only catch a rider if you know that you can pass them by sustaining your speed. Once past, while you maintain your pace, it is up to them to drop back 25m in the next kilometre.  If your speed wanes, they can overtake you, and you must drop back.

What is the surface like?

The surface is a little mixed, but predominantly very smooth and fast, suitable for narrow racing tyres if you like to use them.

Is there much climbing?

Less than 300 metres climbing spread over each 44-km lap. The course undulates a little, with a few gentle hills. Max. gradient is 4½ %. We chose a flat-as-possible course that ticked some other boxes for us as well.

Can I have helpers?

Yes!  Bring as many supporters as you can. What works best is to station them at a particular point so you know where you will see them on every lap. Helpers need helpers too, so bring more than one if you can.

Can I have a support car?

Once it is parked legally you can. Support cars are not allowed circulate during the event.

What about food?

The organisers will attempt to provide basic food and hot drinks for marshals through the day. There is also a filling station near the course. But riders should arrange for their own supplies as well as their Helpers.

Is there any place to sleep?

There will be a basic provision on-site for marshals where we will also try and accommodate any riders in distress.

Is there a designated “Feed Zone”?

Not as such. Our advice is to set up where the road is widest so cyclists can stop or hand-off food without obstructing other riders or motorists. Remember, helpers need support too so it is nice to have others around.

Are roads closed?

No, roads are open to traffic. Riders are bound by and must observe the Rules of the Road.

Are roads lit?

No, cyclists need to generate their own light, front and rear. Unlit bikes considered a danger to motorists or other cyclists will be ejected from the event after lighting-up time.

Is it okay to stop – or must I keep riding?

You can stop at any time you like, anywhere you like on the course.  Many riders stop briefly during the night to eat or rest.  You can then resume at any tyime, but it must be from the point at which you stopped.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is €50.
Payment methods: PayPal/Cash/Cheque.

Entry for 2019 is now open.

Closing Date

As the event will close to entries once fully subscribed, early entry is advised.  Early entry also helps us plan things.