Hi Folks,
Well done to all who participated in the 24hr over the weekend. It was an epic achievement for all involved and I hope that you are very proud of your efforts. Many of the field had not tried anything of this scale before, so here’s a few things that might help with your recovery:

Jetlag syndrome – a 24hr can be like flying to Australia, sleep patterns are disturbed, you are banjoed but when you go to bed you can’t sleep. It’s a similar experience with food; you feel hungry at strange times. Best to go with the flow and eat/sleep as your body demands, although it can be frustrating it is a sign of your body craving what it needs for recovery and is in fact quite normal.

Lack of enthusiasm (Big Event Blues) – everyone has dug deep into their physical/mental reserves, so if you find yourself not enjoying your cycling over the next few weeks don’t be afraid to back away until your enthusiasm returns. Just spin down the road for a coffee, tip around on a mountain bike or do something different. Wait until your enthusiasm returns and start back. Many people push themselves over the edge and give up cycling after returning too quickly. Don’t just go through the motions, wait until you have a desire to go training again. Your body/mind will tell you when you are ready to restart.

Numbness – it was hot out there and this can exasperate numbness in feet and hands. Obviously this is quite worrying, but after a while sensation will return so no need to worry unduly. Impotency can very occasionally set in, but with time this too clears up.

Luck – unfortunately a few participants weren’t able to finish for various reasons. This can be frustrating but sometimes you need plain old luck on your side. It is important to not beat yourself up about this and focus on the lessons you learned. Every day is a school day in cycling.
Well done one and all.

Paul O’Donoghue