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Stay Safe!

Organisers will be super-sensitive to any rider, their team or supporters seeking unfair advantage.

In general, Cycling Ireland Time Trial Rules & Regs. apply save for special rules relating to support crews 

Special Rules

Crews are not allowed circulate the course.

Riders can stop anywhere, anytime but must resume from the point at which they stop.

Riders can accept support from anyone on foot (i.e. not from cars moving alongside).

Riders must carry their number and their GPS tracker at all times


Hard shoulders are for cyclists; Do Not park on them.  

Crookstown Service Station and Conlans Family Centra Gallowshill, are good facilities.

Don’t long-term park on any filling station forecourt

Secure overnight parking (gates locked) available in Crookstown Business Park

Facilities on the Circuit

Crookstown Service Station

Conlans Family Centra, Gallowshill, Athy.


Sign-on from 11:00 at the start location on the L4008

First rider departs (L4008) at 12:00 noon Saturday.

Approx 10:00 am Sunday, riders directed to the “short” course

First rider finishes at 12:00 noon Sunday. 

Approx. 15:00 hours (Sunday) at the Crookstown Inn leading rider presented and provisional distances announced, medals and certificates awarded.

How it Works

Sign-on will be from 11:00 am at the start location 

Allow a good few minutes extra to get your GPS unit and to affix your race numbers.  Make sure the jerseys you wear have a pocket to carry the matchbox-sized GPS.

Start at one-minute intervals; if your number is 20 you start at 12:20 

Ride as many long laps first and then short ones as you can for your 24 hours.  Shout your name at the manned checkpoints.  No need to slow.  

Carry your race number and GPS always to get credit for distance covered on track.

Stop, rest, and eat as needed.  


You can use any bike or human propelled vehicle but only those conforming to Cycling Ireland Regulations will be considered for an award. 

Rules and Special Rules

The safety of each rider and of the public are of paramount importance in this event.

This event is being conducted in accordance with Cycling Ireland Time Trial Rules and Regulations with the variations noted hereafter.

The event is being held on open roads.  This means that at all times, riders must obey the rules of the road, including “stop” and “yield” signs, and any traffic lights, temporary or otherwise.  Riders may only proceed when it is safe to do so.  

Instructions from members of An Garda Siochana (AGS) at all times supersede an instruction from a Race Official.  Riders who consider that their progress has been impeded due to an instruction from a member of AGS, accident or other event, may present their case for appeal to the Race Director.  

Riders and their supporters must exercise due care and attention and extend courtesy to all other road users.  

Riders seeking to exploit a perceived “loophole” in the rules and thereby gain unfair advantage over another rider may be penalised and may, after consideration by the Audax Ireland Committee be excluded from this or future AI events.

A penalty may be imposed on a rider subsequent to a reported infringement by a nominated Audax Ireland marshal or on foot of video or other evidence.   

Riders helpers (i.e. crews) are not allowed circulate on the course during the event.  

If a rider (bicycle) develops a mechanical issue, it is permitted for the team member(s) to provide mechanical support, but only at the point of breakdown.  Support can only be offered when the supporting car or cycle is stationary.    

Cyclists are permitted to change bikes at any time.  All bikes used must comply with Cycling Ireland TT specifications.  

Cyclists should ensure that their bikes are adequately lit and that they wear a helmet and high-viz.  

Cyclists must submit their event-cycle for inspection to a nominated official if they are asked to do so.   

Facilities on the Circuit and Parking

A good place to park is near ‘facilities’ such as Crookstown Service Station and Conlans Family Centra.  The filling station owners have asked that cars not be parked long term on the forecourt.  

Crookstown have said that there is secure parking in the Business Park behind the filling station.  There is also parking on the service road behind Crookstown Service Station.  Note there is only access to the Business Park by foot once the gates close at night.

A good place to have crew stationed might be under street lamps which makes Crookstown area pretty much ideal.  There’s also lots of parking at the Crookstown Inn.  

Hard shoulders are for cyclists; Do Not park on them or obstruct them.  Ask crews to park on the opposite side of the road on the long course.  A good rule of thumb is for them to have four wheels on the grass.

Crookstown Service Station and Conlans Family Centra Gallowshill, both have shops (6 until 10), sit-down deli’s, and promised 24-hour toilets and running water.  Schedule

Sign-on will be open from 11:00 at the start. 

The event start time is 12:00 noon.

Riders will start at 1-minute intervals.  

The start location is on the L 4008, approximately 1 km from where it joins the N78 nearest Athy.  Be careful; it seems a few roads are signed as L4008.

Having started, riders will proceed to cover as many complete laps as possible of the full (44 km) circuit.

When notified (after approximately 22 hours), riders will then be directed to the “short course” and continue cycling until their 24 hours have elapsed.  

Riders may accept support or food/drink from anyone on foot once they are in compliance with the rules of the road and they do not constitute a risk to other cyclists or road users.  

Riders may stop to take food or rest at any time and at any part of the circuit.  They must then resume riding at the point at which they left the circuit.  

Race numbers must always be clearly displayed on the rider’s bike and outside apparel.  

Riders must carry the GPS tracker provided in their pocket at all times during the event.

Team cars or support vehicles may not be parked on the circuit or hard shoulder where they might constitute a risk to other participants. 

Provisional results will be announced as soon as practical on Sunday afternoon at the Crookstown Inn.  We are hoping to be ready about an hour after the last rider finishes.  

Any competitor can query their provisional result.  Provisional results will be confirmed as official once any queries have been addressed and all Time Station records collated.  

How it Works

Riders will start at the allocated point (L4008), from a countdown by the Official Starter.  The first rider leaves at noon and riders leave subsequently at one-minute intervals.  If your event number is 10, you will leave at 12:10. If you miss your start time, you will still need to start from the official starting point but your event time will be shortened by the length of your “lateness”.  

Riders will proceed eastward approximately one kilometre to the N78 and turn left to join the official circuit.  Their progress will be recorded and monitored by GPS tracker which they must carry at all times.  They will pass through manned checkpoints, at the angles of the triangular circuit.  They should shout their event number so that their progress and split times can be recorded.  Riders are free to maintain progress through checkpoints (i.e. no need to slow down).  We will also have marshals circulating on the course from time to time.  

Riders are free to stop at any point or time when they feel the need.  They must then continue from the point at which they stopped.  They must at all times carry their GPS in a pocket, and their race numbers, even if they are resting/sleeping.

Drafting (other riders or vehicles) is not allowed.